Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carolina Loving Hound, CHIP-IN EVENT, Generous donor will match 3X your Donation!!!!

May Mega Match Triple Donation ! For EVERY single Dollar raised between today and June Third, a generous Donor has agreed to match with $2.00. YES, we can turn your $1.00 donation into $3.00! This amazing couple's only two requests are that we use a chip-in so they may track the donations and amount raised by the end date AND we utilize the funds for medical only, receipts for monies spent will be issued back to the Donor! This is to ensure trust and integrity for both CLHR and this generous donor! . This is in honor of their beloved Black and Tan Coonhound that passed away while giving Birth. They saw the puppies we are pulling and wanted to step in and help us further our Mission to save Dachshunds and Hounds off Death Row! This Match is in Honor of Ellie Mae and her 3 still born puppies! They would like their legacy to be passed onto another rescue helping the under-dogs! Please consider Donating for this event as it is the one solid chance to turn your dollar into 3:) No matter how close we get to our goal. ANY and EVERYTHING will go towards vetting and assisting animals we may pull in the near future. These funds can be utilized for all vetting for all current and future Dogs we pull...

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  1. I absolutely love this group. Everyday they are at the shelters trying to help poor hounds in need & saving them from horrible death row :(
    SO much LOVE & a lot of time is giving to these dogs and especially Medical care. The littlest donations really help in a big way. Consider making a donation now while your $1.00 amount can TRIPLE and you can help out this wonderful group :)